About iTourMobile

About iTourMobile

iTourMobile is a startup and veteran owned business located in Virginia. We’re a group of developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and marketers with experience in the technology and tourism industries.

We connect people and places through digital themed adventures and tours. We believe that people should be able to experience fun and interesting stories that move us from history, fiction, or for entertainment from around the world right from their fingertips. We’re not a “city guide”, we’re not a “travel guide”, and we are not an “audio tour”.

iTourMobile was born when we realized that technology afforded a new way to experience the world, both in person and remotely. Moreover, it offered convenience, greater in-depth way to learn about an area or topic, and a more economical way to tour an area.

Our digital adventures and tours enhance the overall experience of travelers. That’s why we have repeat customers, it’s why we have subscribers, and it’s because we provide value that we continue to both add content and members. While we sell our experiences to the average consumers, we also license our software and offer our services to destinations to help them add interactivity to their offering to enhance the visitor experience, increase revenue, and improve visitation. We do what most do not- we offer interactive technology and activities- not information.

Our vision is to be the digital experience provider for location based adventures, and tours. We offer our services to museums, destinations, chambers of tourism and commerce, governments, zoos, historical societies, and more.

Each activity is made in a long process of writing content, editing and reviewing content for completeness, accuracy, and value. Once they pass the test, we send them to one of many professional voice actors who will act as your personal tour guide during your trip. During this process, we collect photographs and videos to add to the story. Once we piece the writing, finished audio, images, and video for each location, we tie them together in our experience maker and the finished product is ready!

iTourMobile is great if you want to learn. If you want to be scared. If you’re curious. If you want to learn about one of your favorite movies or TV shows. If you like food, art, or pub crawls. Or, if you simply want something fun to do at home, or while traveling. You can do it alone, or in a large group.

We’re constantly adding new content every month, and love to hear from our users and fans about what new types of experiences they would like to see to enrich their experience using our service. We believe in constant improvement and development. Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you’ll take the time to download and try our app or services!

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